Upcoming Worship Topics

Please note that there will be one service each Sunday.
Our lay-led summer services are a long-standing and rich
tradition at Allen Avenue UU Church. Please join us!



July 23

Our Values and the Opioid Epidemic

Presented by Noel Genova and Jim Berry

10:00 am

Christianity has a long tradition of healing the sick, even when those who are sick are marginalized by society. The opioid epidemic has claimed as many lives in the US as the Vietnam War. What are we doing to help those who are sick and in need?

Noel Genova is a physician assistant and long-time member of Allen Avenue. Jim Berry, a member of A2U2’s men’s group, is a family physician who specializes in addiction medicine.

July 30

Lammas Celebration

Presented by Pauli Juneau

10:00 am

We honor earth-centered traditions with Lammas, a celebration of the grain harvest. Join us for a service of praise and thanks for the regenerative power of Nature. Come celebrate your work in the garden and love of local food. We will all share traditional Lammas bread and drink.

Pauli Juneau and Tim Vogel have been members of A2U2 since 1989. They are involved in many church activities, including honoring earth-centered traditions and rituals.

August 6

Our Journey

Presented by Rock My Soul

10:00 am

Although at times difficult, our journey to find what we are looking for will always be triumphant.

Rock My Soul, a secular gospel choir, has been singing for over 10 years now. As part of the Maine nonprofit organization ProjectMusicWorks, whose mission is to provide high-quality, live music for those in need, Rock My Soul uplifts, enriches, and educates by singing roots-based gospel music and telling the stories behind the songs to audiences across New England.

August 13

Reflections on Family Promise

Presented by Carol Larson and Carol Jenkins

10:00 am

Greater Portland Family Promise (GPFP) partners with church congregations to assist homeless families in the Greater Portland, Maine area. Allen Avenue joined a group of other churches in Portland to help provide a small group of families with basic human needs—shelter, safety, and sustenance—with a spirit of warmth and hospitality. Join us for some reflections on our first session as hosts.

Carol Jenkins is a former teacher of twenty-five years, a therapist of seventeen years, and a mother of five. She has been on the Board of Trustees for four years and is excited about our chance to help some folks who are in trouble. Carol Larson is also a former teacher, the Chair of the Social Action Committee, and a founding member of MUUSAN (Maine UU Social Action Network).

August 20

Living Our Dreams, Living Our Calls

Presented by Molly Brewer

10:00 am

Many of us come to a UU church seeking community, shared values, or a spiritual home. And many of us come with our personal hopes and dreams in tow. A church, at its best, can nurture and feed these dreams into a sense of call. What happens when we sense that a dream is becoming something more? And where does that path lead? Join us for an exploration of the dreams, passions, and yearnings that sow the seeds of a spiritual call, and a ritual celebration of the dreams that spur us to take action in the world beyond our church communities.

Molly Brewer is a member of A2U2 and a seminary student at Meadville Lombard Theological School, where she is a candidate for a Master of Divinity degree. Over the last several years, she has served on A2U2’s Worship Committee, on the Board of Trustees, as a worship associate, and in the choir. She is a ministerial aspirant with the UUA, and in the fall, she will be stepping into the position of Intern Minister at the First Universalist Church of Auburn, Maine.

August 27

Climbing the Empathy Wall

Presented by John Howard

10:00 am

Sociologist and author Arlie Hochschild immersed herself in Louisiana Bayou culture to understand Tea Party communities. Her experiences and the teachings of Deepak Chopra are helpful in finding common ground in the midst of conflict – both across political divides and in everyday life, among our family and work associates.

John Howard is a life-long learner and is appreciative of the examples of kindness and patience he has found at this church. His partner Steve has taught him the value of humor.

September 3

What Creative Stuff I Did On My Summer Vacation

Presented by Elizabeth Forrest

10:00 am

Remember those tedious back-to-school writing samples? This will NOT be one of them. Instead, this will be an opportunity to bring your most brilliant and inspiring revelations, experiences and creations from the past several months to share with your A2U2 community. You can sing, dance, read, demonstrate, show or tell about any topic for up to 3 minutes; I will coordinate, provide media, and support your creativity. Advanced notice of what you are planning will help me with this. Come inspire and be inspired!

Elizabeth Forrest is a longtime member of A2U2 and a lifelong U.U., born the year the two groups merged. She loves music, gardening and about 27 different art forms.