Upcoming Worship Topics

Please note that there will be one service each Sunday.
Our lay-led summer services are a long-standing and rich
tradition at Allen Avenue UU Church. Please join us!


August 27

Climbing the Empathy Wall

Presented by John Howard

10:00 am

Sociologist and author Arlie Hochschild immersed herself in Louisiana Bayou culture to understand Tea Party communities. Her experiences and the teachings of Deepak Chopra are helpful in finding common ground in the midst of conflict – both across political divides and in everyday life, among our family and work associates.

John Howard is a life-long learner and is appreciative of the examples of kindness and patience he has found at this church. His partner Steve has taught him the value of humor.

September 3

What Creative Stuff I Did On My Summer Vacation

Presented by Elizabeth Forrest

10:00 am

Remember those tedious back-to-school writing samples? This will NOT be one of them. Instead, this will be an opportunity to bring your most brilliant and inspiring revelations, experiences and creations from the past several months to share with your A2U2 community. You can sing, dance, read, demonstrate, show or tell about any topic for up to 3 minutes; I will coordinate, provide media, and support your creativity. Advanced notice of what you are planning will help me with this. Come inspire and be inspired!

Elizabeth Forrest is a longtime member of A2U2 and a lifelong U.U., born the year the two groups merged. She loves music, gardening and about 27 different art forms.