Upcoming Events of Interest

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So far MeetUP has hosted a pizza party, a potluck dinner party, a Children's Museum Earth Day get together, an all church seed swap and a permaculture garden tour.
One more event is offered this summer:
In August, Sengaree Sengupta and Chelsea Ray and their families join forces to host a wonderful Indian Meal (and optional Yoga class!) in Cumberland. August 12th, 6-8:30pmRSVP 
In the fall the Membership Committee will be gathering ideas and offerings for future meals and events. Contact Laura Burden at welcome@a2u2.org . 

Summer Contact Details—July & August


For pastoral concerns in July and August, call A2U2 at 797-7240 and leave a message at Ext. 13. Our Pastoral Care Team will be checking that message box every day and responding to calls that come in. You can also email them at care@a2u2.orgWhen necessary, they will be able to reach Rev. Myke in an emergency. 

Our new church administrator, Alice Alexander, will be working 12 hours per week in July and August. She will be in on Mondays and Thursdays each week to respond to phone messages (797-7240), mail, and email office@a2u2.org, and take care of church business. (She will be away August 19-26, but volunteers will check email and phone messages that week.)

Religious Education—Carolyn Barschow will be on vacation from the last week in June to the third week of July, and then return to begin planning for next year, and at that time can be reached at 797-7240, ext. 12, or dre@a2u2.org.

Matthew Strobel, our church Sexton, will be on duty to care for the building and set up for functions and rentals. He can be reached at 632-2197.