Upcoming Events of Interest

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Wednesday, October 29, 6:30 - 8 pm

Flying Solo: Single at A2U2

Would you like to get together with other single folks for spiritual enrichment and/orsocial fun? Come gather for an exploratory meeting and let's talk.

Hosted by Lyn Betz, Intern Minister

Sunday, November 2, 12:30 - 2 pm

We will celebrate Day of the Dead / All Soul’s Day with a communal altar of remembrance in the sanctuary. All are invited to bring a picture of loved ones who have passed whom they wish to honor and remember and place it on the altar during the service.

Following the service will be a Day of the Dead Dinner (potluck lunch) in the Mexican tradition of sharing food with the "spirits” of those who have passed on and are believed to return for a visit on this day. Bring a favorite dish to share including a drink.

Thursday, November 27 

The 2nd Annual Feast of Thanks!
We will hold a Thanksgiving dinner for members and those searching for community on that day. 
Turkey, gravy and stuffing will be provided; the rest is potluck.  Please sign up and include an ingredient card with your dish. There will be an area set up for board games, and childcare/activities will be provided.
The dinner is at 1pm. Activities such as set up, games, music and side dish preparation will begin at 11am.