Upcoming Events of Interest

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The A2U2 2nd and 4th Mondays SEG 1:00-3:pm could use some additional members. If you’re looking for a SEG which meets in the early afternoon on Mondays, please visit and see if this one fits the bill for you. Get in touch with co-leaders Lindy Hough or Vicky Delfino. It’s lively so far, but a few more would make for better discussions.


May 27th

The Building & Grounds Committee is planning a B&G Improvement Day for Saturday, May 27th from 9 AM into the early afternoon. If the weather cooperates, projects will focus on the gardens and grounds. If not, there are things that need to be done indoors.

Please come and participate for any amount of time you can. If you are new to the church, these are good opportunities to meet and get to know people. Children are welcome. Lunch will be provided for those who stay.

Contact Dan Chase with questions or ideas for other projects.

Save the Date: June Youth and RE Services

On June 4 at 10am, high school youth will plan and lead an unforgettable Youth Service that includes a Bridging Ceremony for graduating seniors. On June 11 at 10am, the Religious Education Service will celebrate the learning and growth of our children and junior youth this church year and feature a Child Dedication ceremony.
Please note that in June, only one service is offered, beginning at 10am.

Interested in a Child Dedication Ceremony?

A Child Dedication Ceremony welcomes children into our community and celebrates their uniqueness. It is an opportunity for us to make a commitment as a church to their well-being and spiritual growth. We have a few families interested and would like to offer a group ceremony on Sunday, June 11 during the 10am service. Will you join in? If you would like your child(ren) to participate or have questions, please contact Carolyn, Director of Religious Education, at dre@a2u2.org.


All members and friends of Allen Avenue UU are welcome!


WINDOW DRESSERS is now collecting names of those interested in having energy saving window inserts for the up coming volunteer "build” in September. We will be measuring potential client’s windows during May and June, the frames will then be made over the summer and in September the client’s inserts will be made with the help of many environmentally concerned volunteers. Go to the link at the beginning where you can register as a client and/or as a volunteer. Last year we made a total of 678 inserts in Portland saving clients about 5,500 gallons of fuel oil per year. With a projected life span of ten years, the impact on the environment is enormous. About 22% of all windows made are for those who require special low income pricing, so if you or someone you know is having trouble meeting their energy bills, be sure to contact us for assistance. 10 inserts are then available for a very modest fee. For any questions feel free to contact John Burdick or call 207-592-6535. 

The A2U2 Knitting Ministry meets on the 4th Monday of each month, 2:30 - 4:00 PM. All knitters are welcome to join us as we knit "Prayer Shawls" for members and friends who are in need of comfort and support from our church community. We welcome new members.