Church Sexton Job Description

Please see below for a complete job description for the position of Church Sexton at the Allen Avenue UU Church. You may also click here to download or print a PDF version of this document.

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The Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
February 2017 Revision C
The sexton is responsible for the general custodial care of the Church building and grounds, reporting to the Church Administrator or, in cases when the Church Administrator is unavailable, to the Chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee.


1. Church Security
Checks regularly when the Church has been in use, and checks always after major events for which the Sexton is present. Makes certain that:
a) Windows and doors are closed and locked.
b) The security system is operating appropriately, if in use.
c) The gas range is shut off.
d) Water faucets in toilets and kitchen are turned off.
e) The storage shed and extra classroom are locked. And heat is off.
Reports any problems to the Minister or the Building and Grounds Committee as soon as they are observed.

2. Supplies
Obtains maintenance and cleaning supplies as needed and in anticipation of needs through procedures and sources established by the Building and Grounds Committee. (Wherever possible upfront expenses for purchases will not be paid from the Sexton's own money, but keep receipts and submit for reimbursement as needed).
Keeps maintenance areas organized: the Hallway closet, shed, front furnace room, & basement boiler room.

3. Church Functions
For all Church functions:
a) Checks Church calendar to be continuously aware of all regular and special functions scheduled in the Church.
b) Plans a work schedule so that the building is clean and neat for all functions, especially Sunday services.
c) Arranges facilities, chairs and tables as required.
d) Following use cleans areas used for special functions and checks the building security system.
Functions that are part of the Church’s programs (whether ongoing or special events)
are part of the Sexton’s regular hours. Memorial services and weddings for church members as well as non-members are billed as extra hours.

4. Extra Functions
The Sexton is expected to work at functions that are outside of the Church’s
programming and thus not part of the Sexton’s regular hours. Each lessee will be billed
for the Sexton’s services as follows:

Memorials and Funerals: $20 per hour/4 hour minimum
Weddings:  $20 per hour/4 hour minimum
Weddings with Reception: $20 per hour/5 hour minimum

Payment for these functions is to be made by the lessee to the sexton on the day these services are rendered.
For other outside functions, the lessee shall pay the sexton according to our building rental policies in accord with the estimated time involved for custodial services.

5. Rubbish & Returnables
Keeps trashcans and rubbish bins in reasonable order, and sets out rubbish/garbage weekly according to pick-up schedule. Bottles for return are now collected by the Green Earth Committee.

6. Cleaning
Performs regular cleaning of church building, as outlined in attached Sexton Detail
Duties. Works with the Building and Grounds Committee to schedule special cleanings,
including window washing, stove cleaning, washing walls, painting, and
other regularly needed tasks. May help to perform these tasks and/or prepare for and
assist others during "Clean-up Days”.

7. Grounds
Summer and Fall:
a) Picks up trash and litter on walks, drives and parking areas at each visit and before Sunday services.
b) Sweeps entrance walkway as required.
c) Plans for and performs summer maintenance projects as arranged with the Building and Grounds Committee and/or the Minister (e.g. painting, repairs, etc.).

Winter and Spring:
a) Has available the name and phone number of the person contracted to do snowplowing. Reports any problems with the contracted work, immediately, to the Chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee.

8. Performs other activities such as are common to custodial positions that may not have been included above.

1. Must be able to climb stairs to access tools and supplies
2. Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.
3. Must be able to climb a 10 foot ladder
4. Must be able to work independently

1. The Sexton will be primarily responsible to the Church Administrator with coordinating responsibilities to the Building and Grounds Committee.
2. The hiring or termination of the Sexton will be determined jointly by the Board and the Minister.

1. Illness: In the event of illness, the sexton will contact the Church Administrator and the Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee. The B & G committee will arrange coverage of essential duties.
2. Hours: The sexton shall work 12 hours per week on average, with the understanding that some weeks will require fewer hours and other weeks will require greater hours to fulfill needed duties. The sexton shall report to the Church Administrator and Buildings & Grounds Committee Chair any concerns regarding time allotments for regular duties and special projects.
1. Sweep the floor at least twice each week, or more often as needed.
2. Wash floor monthly or as needed.
3. Wash Sanctuary and foyer floor weekly.
4. Dust pulpit, piano, furniture, windowsills, heating units, etc. monthly.
5. Realign chairs (with attention to spacing) and tables.
-Prior to Sunday services
-Prior to special functions (weddings, memorial services, other)
6. Replace burned out fluorescent tubes and light bulbs as needed.
7. Set up classrooms for Children’s Religious Education (Sunday).
8. Empty wastebaskets as needed.
9. Wash and disinfect toilets (bowl and seat) at least once per week, especially before Sunday services.
10. Clean sinks and water fountain once per week, more often if needed.
11. Resupply toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers as needed.
12. Dust all ceilings and clean light fixtures twice annually.
13. Perform minor repairs, such as leaking faucets, paint touch up, etc.
The Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
Sexton Detail Duties