Peace Issues


Check out what the UUA and other faith organizations are doing about gun violence at this link.

Local member published in the UU WORLD!

Read Sally Breen's article "Steps toward a Nuclear-Free World here!


War Dollars Home
At the Maine Statehouse
Members of our church Sally Breen and Matt Watkins

Arms Control Center Cites Maine Activity

Dr. Daniel Oppenheim, Cushman Anthony, Roger Fenn, Sally Breen, Dr. Doug Dransfield, Rep. Diane Russell - after thanking Senators Collins and Snowe for supporting New START

We in Maine have been the focus of national attention for advocacy for the New START and CTBT. Kingston Reif, the the Director of Nuclear Nonproliferation at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation said "In-state grassroots activism, encouragement, and pressure (including from religious groups) in key states such as Tennessee and Maine served as a counterweight to right-wing efforts to demonize the treaty and provided encouragement to both supportive and undecided Senators."


Cush Anthony leads a Peace rally

We aim to educate ourselves and our church community, create awareness about the issues of war and peace, and develop a vision of a culture of peace. 


Peace Related Materials

Many of our members work with Peace Action Maine, a 25-year-old, state-wide organization with about 800 members. PAM is a vehicle for information about nuclear weapons abolition and other issues of pressing significance.

We support the Afghan Tree Project, an effort to replace trees after the war.  See more here! The trees improve the environment but also supply fruit and hope.