Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral care is being present to someone during a time of need in their lives. The Allen Avenue UU Church's Pastoral Care Team is a group of church members who have some training or experience in compassionate listening, and are available to other members who are experiencing illness, bereavement, or other stressful challenges.

At A2U2, much of this compassionate listening happens informally between members and friends, or in the context of other church groups. But the Pastoral Care Team is able to respond more intentionally to help our church live out its mission of caring. Pastoral care is not psychological analysis or therapy—it doesn’t try to solve problems, give advice, or save anyone from the struggles of their own life journey. Pastoral care is compassionate listening.

NEW for Church Members or Friends:

Are you going into the hospital for surgery? Have you lost a loved one, and would like someone to listen to your feelings? Do you have a friend who needs some help with rides? Would you like to be in touch with the Pastoral Care Team or the Caring Connection committee, but aren't sure who to contact? We now have a new way to communicate: you can send an email to, and it will automatically go to the Pastoral Care Team, the minister, and a contact for the Caring Connection, and someone will respond to your email within a few days. (Note: phone calls are also still welcome—call the church office at 797-7240).

Pastoral Visitors

Pastoral visitors share in the ministry of our church, by visiting our A2U2 elders and others who may benefit from one on one connection. Our elders have given to our church for years and years, and now may be dealing with illness or frailty, and unable to be active as they once were.

Each pastoral visitor is assigned to a particular elder, with whom they will visit at least once a month. Most people find that they receive as much as they give during these visits.

Pastoral visitors need to have good listening skills, a kind heart, and good personal boundaries. Our LAMP 101 is an excellent preparation, but not a requirement for those who already have the skills. Each pastoral visitor is under the supervision of the minister, and the oversight of the Caring Connection committee. Contact the minister for more information.