REMarks from DRE

Spring 2010

A2U2 NurseryMany people come to church on a Sunday morning for the first time, not knowing what to expect. They could be shy, or nervous, or very excited about a new adventure. But, by the time they have met our membership coordinator, Kim Spraque, been warmly welcomed by the greeters that day they begin to settle in. They move their way down the hallway towards the Sanctuary and I can see their faces start to relax and be ready to be part of a great morning worship lead by our minister Rev. Myke or the worship committee. Children often stay close to their parents until they are ready to join in the fun in RE classes and usually before the end of the day; the newcomers have made new friends and been welcomed into the community!

As a member of the community, all the events happening begin to have a life of their own. This spring there has been a lot happening here in Religious Education and it has been great fun. This spring we had three Multi-age Worship Programs for ages 3-13, a fantastic Everybody Birthday Party for all ages;, a show-stopper of a Senior Youth Worship, a fun and rowdy Easter Egg Hunt, an After Gandhi workshop for middle and senior high youth; a playful Weekend at Ferry Beach for the whole congregation; and a Coming of Age (ages 13-15) Habitat for Humanity Work Day. Up-coming is an all RE day of Bowling; fundraising for Project Harvest Hope; a multi-age worship for ages 3-13; and RE Sunday on June 13th for all ages! Put June 13th on your calendar, this will be a celebration of our Religious Education program for the year, and the Coming of Age class will read their credos at the 11am service.

As I write this, we are already planning our RE program for next year. The property committee will be improving our Nursery space this summer with an environmentally friendly floor tiling. We will be looking forward to an up coming OWL program in October and a field trip to Boston for the upcoming youth group. Curricula is being chosen for next year, and the RE committee is placing people in RE leading roles. As the summer approaches, I know many people will have vacation plans and time to rest. I hope a2u2 will be a part of those plans as you can come to church for our summer lay lead worship services and enjoy our beautiful grounds, with all its flowers and trees.

Be sure to look in your e-mail during August for 2010-2011 RE registration information and I look forward to another fabulous year of RE programming at a2u2. In faith,

-Anne Mann

Director of Religious Education