Meet Our UU Minister - Reverend Mykel Johnson

Rev Myke JohnsonReverend Mykel Johnson came to Allen Avenue UU Church in August, 2005 from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she served for six years as Associate Minister of First Parish Brewster, UU. Myke was ordained in Belmont, Massachusetts, in 1999 and entered parish ministry because of her belief in the importance of congregations for the personal and social issues we face today. Here is what she wrote about her call to this ministry:

A congregation is a place to plant and grow the seeds of the Beloved Community-a place where every person is held sacred and we are all one family. A congregation is a place to bring alive in daily life these deep ideals that move us and inspire us. Community is not an easy goal. Any gathering of human beings will provoke all of our petty faults, conflicts and power-struggles. But when we join together in a common purpose, we create a fertile ground to practice mutual care and respect. Each of us has gifts to share. It is only when we all share our gifts that we can bring into being our deepest hopes for our world.

Rev. Myke with childrenInvolvement in Community Ministry

Prior to her work in parish ministry, Myke had been involved in community ministry for many years. She received her B.A. in Religious Studies and Psychology from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a young adult, her work included youth ministry, jail ministry, and ministry with homeless persons as a full-time volunteer in Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality in Michigan and Illinois. She was active with these communities in promoting peace and non-violent social change.   

After receiving her Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary, she moved to Boston, and began a community ministry for the empowerment of women and other marginalized persons. She had a private practice in psychotherapy in Boston from 1986-1999, and was involved in education and activism for the full equality of women, gays and lesbians, and people of color. She was part of the movement of women creating feminist spirituality and completed a Doctor of Ministry degree in Feminist Liberation Theology and Ministry at Episcopal Divinity School in 1991. 

Recently, Myke published a book, Finding Our Way Home. A signing took place at the church.

Myke Outside of UU Activities
Myke and her partner, Margy Dowzer, now live in North Yarmouth, ME. They love the outdoors and especially to be near or in the water. Margy has a passion for photography and they also enjoy movies and music together. In her spare time, Myke likes to read, garden, and sing and play guitar. Both Myke and Margy have become an important part of the churches' community and fabric.