Lay Participation in Worship


Recently the Worship Committee had a service about creativity. At the end, everyone made a paper airplane, which filled the room with color and joy.

Special Announcement from the Worship Committee
Worship Committee Lay Leadership Invitation

Do you enjoy lay-led worship services? Have you thought about participating in or leading such services? If so, the summer is a perfect time to explore that interest, since all of our services from late June to early September are lay-led. It's not too soon to fill out a proposal form, although you will have until mid-May to let us know.

If you would like to know more, we can e-mail you the guidelines and the services that were presented last summer as inspiration. Direct your e-mail to the Chair. To get the Sunday that works best for you, sign up early! Request forms will also be available at church.

Each person is part of the ministry of our church. For some, participation in Worship as a reader, musician, and skit participant for our Lesson for all Ages or in another capacity is an important expression of their spirituality. Our minister and the Worship Committee invite your input and participation in our worship services. 

The Worship Committee is responsible for creating or sponsoring one service a month during the regular church year (September-June). This may involve sponsoring another group within the church to put on a service, such as the Social Action Committee or Senior Youth Group.

Summer service At other times, the members of the Worship Committee have a great deal of fun designing, planning, and presenting a service, which includes finding or creating readings, choosing hymns, coordinating with the Music Director, and creating an order of service. During the summer, the committee is also responsible for coordinating lay-led services and ensuring that all Sunday slots are filled.

Want to see what we have been up to? Click Worship Services to learn more and link to descriptions of some of the services we have presented. We would love to have you join us! 

Worship Associates

Would you like to be a reader at a worship service, participate in a lesson for all ages skit, or contribute occasionally in other specific ways with the minister or the worship committee? The worship committee holds periodic trainings in use of the microphone, and public reading practice for those interested in such occasional participation. 


Winter Solstice -- Very popular!

Each year this popular service recognizes the time when the days begin to get longer. All are welcome to attend.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

christmas eve 2christmas eve 1

While the solstice celebration is the most recent addition to our traditional holiday season, Christmas Eve services have been held ever since Allen Avenue was built. We enjoy two Christmas Eve Candlelight Services: an early evening version with an emphasis on participation by our children, and a later version that is especially geared toward older children and adults. And for almost as many years, members and friends have enjoyed a "potpourri serviceā€ on the Sunday after Christmas. Our music director and worship leaders provide a framework of song and ritual words for the potpourri; congregants fill the rest of the worship hour together with any words or music they have to offer.

Other Special Services

Women's Service Planning GroupWomen Service Group

Several times each year, special groups get together to plan, sponsor and present worship services. These are wonderful opportunities for people with common interests to come together to share their spiritual experiences with all of us. Some examples include the Women's Service, Youth Group Service, Pagan Group, and others. Those with interest in this kind of activity should watch for invitations to participate and join in! If you have an interest yourself and gather a group of people together, please contact the Worship Committee to get feedback on your idea.


Read about our Lay Led Worship Services

Lay Led Services

Lay led worship is a tradition at Allen Avenue and many Unitarian Universalist congregations. About once per month, a lay led service is presented. Most services are designed by the Allen Avenue Worship Committee. There are also several worship services each year that are planned and presented by special groups, including the Women's Service, Youth Service and more.

Below, you will find a representative sample of Lay Led Services from the last few years. They are available to read, listen or download in PDF written and also audio format. To experience more current examples, please refer to the Worship Services page, where they are listed in date order.

Link on the service name to read or print the service.

Faith: April 18, 2010 Audio
Indulging Our Passions: February 21, 2010 Audio
Love: February 15, 2009
Service is Our Prayer: January 18, 2009

 Click on the winter scene to view a video of the 2010 Winter Solstice Celebration!

Solstice Video

Women's Service, November 2010

Women's Service