Leadership and Ministry Program (LAMP)

Our Leadership and Ministry Program (called "LAMP” for short) was initially conceived in a church wide gathering in January 2006, and is still a work in progress. Its goal is to create training experiences that will enhance the quality of lay ministry and leadership among our members, and expand participation in all areas of church life. As we say in our mission statement, we seek to empower our members to share their gifts to build a world of compassion, equality, and freedom.

There are six areas of growth that we identified and for which we hope to offer trainings through Core Courses or diverse and multiple offerings. Graduates of our Core Curriculum will receive a designation as "LAMP Lighters.” Some of these courses are taught each year, and dates and times will be announced. Others include ongoing opportunities for growth. Please watch our Adult Enrichment page for upcoming offerings.

LAMP 101—The Basics of Shared Ministry: Do you want to develop your listening skills, learn about the helping relationship, understand boundaries and self-care for helpers, and learn to be aware of the presence of the Sacred in our connections? At A2U2 we are growing a community that transforms lives through the power of love. This 7-8 hour workshop is our "basic training” for the skills that are needed for the shared ministry that makes our community a loving one.

LAMP 102—UU Theology: Doing theology means thinking together about questions of meaning and mystery. Our church does not have dogma, but offers tools for approaching perennial human questions. What does it mean to be human? Why do I believe what I believe? Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? This six week class is a chance to learn about UU thought and values, begin to express and explore your own beliefs, and discover the similarities and differences among us. (Taught by Rev. Myke Johnson)

LAMP 103—Finding Your Calling: What is a calling? How can I discern my own calling? What gifts do I have to share with others? What stops me from sharing my gifts or following my calling? This workshop offers tools for discovering and sharing your unique gifts and passions in service to the wider community, and discerning the paths that give meaning to your life story.

LAMP 200—Spiritual Growth/Growing Your Soul—To live with soul is to live from the deepest part of our being, awake to the mystery and wonder of the world. We believe that there are many paths to spiritual growth, and so we seek to offer many opportunities for such deepening and practice at A2U2. Through deepening our own lives, we deepen our capacity to participate in community and shared leadership and ministry. See more opportunities for Spiritual Growth.

LAMP 300—Community Building: skills for group life such as communication skills, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution. Our first class, offered in February 2008, was Great Meetings!

LAMP 400—Skills for the work of social responsibility: what’s going on in the world, critical thinking, democracy, justice as the larger work of love, practicing non-violence, activism, undoing oppression.