The Ministry at Allen Avenue Church Portland, Maine

So What is a Shared Ministry, Anyhow?

Our church is a vibrant community of people, dependent on the shared efforts of all our members for it to live its mission and values.

We understand ministry not merely as the work of our ordained minister, but rather as shared by all the members of the church. Ministry is a quality of presence we bring to our work and our connections in the church—a spirit of a compassion, kindness, hope, and reverence. Any work in the church can be a ministry, if we bring ourselves to it with that intention. Leadership is an important part of shared ministry, and critical to the overall well being of our congregation. Our leaders are like the threads that bind us together, through committee processes, overseeing finances, caring for our building, and shaping the direction of our future.

Shared ministry also means that lay members of the church participate in presenting worship services, visiting the elders, caring for the sick, supporting our children and youth, fostering spiritual growth and working for social justice in the wider world. Shared ministry means that we need your talents and skills and passions to help us be fully alive.
Sharing The Ministry:


Rev. Mykel Johnson
Our minister

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