Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland's mission is to eliminate poverty housing in the Greater Portland area. It has provided a home for more than 200 people since its founding in 1984.

Habitat for Humanity is a people-to-people partnership, drawing prospective Habitat families and communities together with volunteers and resources. Together, they build decent, affordable housing for families whose income is above public housing guidelines but who are unable to qualify for conventional mortgages.

Qualified families are given a "hand up not a hand out,” paying a monthly no-interest mortgage to Habitat. These monies, in turn, go back into building more simple affordable homes. The families are also required to put in several hundred hours of labor and participate in a class on home ownership with Habitat.

Few things are more gratifying than to watch the excitement of one of these families as they participate in the construction and finally move in to their new home. 



Workday at Habitat

Habitat House Jerry at work
Amy at work Jerry in the bath!
Delene at work

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