Child Dedications

Child DedicationThe birth of a child has been recognized as a sacred event by all cultures and religious traditions. During our ceremony of child dedication, we recognize the child by name, for it is by name that each of us is acknowledged as a unique and separate person. We consecrate the child with water, because all life has arisen from the waters of earth, and it is through water that all life is sustained and nourished.

By this ceremony, we also affirm that the community has a responsibility for the care and nurturing of every child, in order that they might grow and thrive and come into the fullness of their promise. A Dedication Ceremony is our way to officially welcome our children into our community and make a commitment as a church to their well-being and growth.

A Dedication may be arranged for a new born, or, since children join our church at all different ages, we also conduct group ceremonies to welcome children of all ages. It is a special time to celebrate their uniqueness with a blessing, and commit ourselves to nurturing their spiritual growth during the coming years.

If you would like your child to participate in a dedication ceremony, either as part of a group dedication or in a family celebration, please phone the church at (207) 797-7240 and someone will be in touch with you.