Calendar of Events

There is a lot happening at Allen Avenue! Get involved beyond Sunday worship in order to become truly a part of our warm and welcoming church community. Browse our website and explore the various opportunities.

Upcoming Special Events (What's Happening!)

The next month's events are briefly explained here with links to longer explanations for those who are interested in learning more. If registration is expected, a link is provided for the contact. You do not have to be a member to participate.

Other Special Events

Here at Allen Avenue, we have a few traditional special events that are not only important for fundraising and community purposes, but dear to our hearts. These events are truly church-wide: many, many hands are needed to make them successful, and everyone is encouraged to participate on some level, large or small. Please click the events at the left, especially as their season approaches, to learn more!


Church Calendar: Time and Location of Meetings and other Happenings

Our church enjoys the services of ChurchDB, an online database and calendar that lists all of our meetings, current activities and events and tells you the exact time and location for each. You will notice that you will see today's events when you click on the link. To view the entire week or month, click This Week or This Month at the top. To view a specific day, or week, click that day or the W at the right of the calendar week on the right of the page.