Boards and Committees at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church Portland, Maine

The members of the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church own and govern the church, as prescribed by one of our seven principles: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. Policies and decisions are made through congregational meetings, the Board of Trustees, Program Council and a network of committees. Involvement in church committees is fun as well as beneficial to the church.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for oversight of church life and vision and finances. Made up of nine members approved by vote of the congregation, the board meets monthly. The Executive Committee is empowered by the by-laws and the board to prepare the agenda for the board meetings and to respond to issues between meetings as needed. It consists of the president, vice-president, treasurer, clerk, minister, and chair of the program council.

Do you wonder who is on the Board of Trustees? Current officers of the Board of Trustees include Angie Dierks (President), Kathy Gulrich (Vice President), Diane Oberbeck (Secretary), and Russ Glidden (Treasurer). Other Board members include Carol Jenkins, Don Murray, Molly Brewer, Vicky Delfino, and Troy Moon. Reverend Myke is an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees. She also is a member of the Executive Committee along with the four officers of the Board. The Executive Committee develops the agenda for the Board meeting and handles any pressing business that occurs between Board meetings. 

Do you want to keep informed about the work of the Board of Trustees?
 We typically meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Because of the holidays in November and December, we have shifted our meeting dates one week (to 29 November and 3 January). We will be posting the agenda for our meetings the Sunday before each Board meeting on the bulletin board outside of the kitchen and the office so that you can read about what we plan to discuss. We will also be posting a synopsis of the minutes in the eBlast after the meeting is over. 

Here's a new way to touch base with your Board of Trustees:

Do you have a question for the A2U2 Board? A comment, or suggestion? A request? Now you can reach the Board quickly and easily at our new email address:

As always, you can leave a message in the Board mailboxes, just outside the office. Or chat with one of us before or after the Sunday service. If you're not sure who your Board members are, check out our photos on the bulletin board to the right of the mailboxes. We'd love to hear from you!


The Program Council is a formal monthly gathering of the chairs of each of our committees. The PC coordinates and plans programs and activities, and oversees church scheduling to be sure that there are no major conflicts. It is a wonderful venue in which different interest groups in the church can communicate, give feedback and help make our programs more efficient by helping each other when appropriate.

Annual and Congregational Meetings 

The Annual meeting is normally held in mid-May/June. Additional congregational meetings will be posted in e-newsletters and on our What's Happening page as needed.

Church Committees

Adult Enrichment works to provide adult programming that builds community and connections while offering a chance to take a deeper look at our spiritual life and beliefs. The programs fall into the categories of spiritual explorations, book and movie discussion groups, healthy living, feast and forays, and creativity and art explorations. 

Building and Grounds is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the church building and property. Members organize work days, work with vendors, service people and our Sexton. 

Communications Group is responsible for many aspects of church communications:  weekly eBlast, website, audio recordings and more.

Finance Committee prepares budgets; report on those budgets to the Board and to the Annual Meeting.

IT Committee oversees and manages use of technology at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church. Its members should have some computer literacy (hardware and/or software) or interest in technology solutions.

Library for Adults: It is located in Room 7 with sections UU, Spirituality, Poetry and Prayers, Death and Dying, Health, Justice, Gender, Parenting, Environment and World Religions. To borrow remove card, sign name and enter date. Add to the collection if you have appropriate books to give.

Committee on Ministry's purpose is to strengthen the quality of the ministry to and in the congregation. The committee will foster a healthy relationship between the minister and the congregation, acting as counsel to the minister and the Board of Trustees and a resource to the entire congregation. At A2U2 the ministry is understood to be shared by everyone in the congregation as we live out our values in our lives and in the larger community. Contact our chair to learn more.

Nominating Committee considers and presents nominations for the elective offices of the Church including the Nominating Committee. The committee advises the Board of Trustees for filling vacancies at all levels of church leadership through the year.

Personnel Committee oversees A2U2 staff relations and makes recommendations to the board of trustees for compensation and benefits in the budgeting process, and advocates for the staff in regard to working conditions.

Religious Education Committee is responsible for the children's and Youth Religious Education Programs and works in collaboration with the Director of Religious Education.

Stewardship supports our church by helping members and friends pledge both their financial resources and their time and talent. They are a crucial part of the financial health of our church.

Worship Committee is responsible for worship services when the minister is not in the pulpit. Generally, this includes one worship service per month, plus coordinating summer service planning. Membership in this committee requires creativity, teamwork and an interest in worship.