African American Interests



A recent NAACP and Labor meeting addressed the need for healthcare for all in Maine. Watch the video.

As a church, we organize activities that increase contact between the church and the Portland-area African American community or anti-racist protests. These activities are intended to increase knowledge of the African American community in Portland and to let this community know that it can depend on Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist church for support and assistance in selected projects.

We join the rest of the community and the country with our concern for young black men and their safety. The march of more than 600 people included our banner thanks to Leo Barrington and Cush Anthony, who carried it much of the way. Others from the church joined in as we recognize that racism is on-going as needs to be our efforts to overcome it.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Rev. Myke speaks at an Annual Breakfast

Racist actions in the community brought our protest.


Rev. Myke at protest