Unitarian Universalist Regional and National Affiliations Portland, Maine

The Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church is affiliated with the following organizations:

Unitarian Universalist Association is our national parent organization.

 The UUA monthly Congregational Bulletin is available online.

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One of our local members was published in the UU WORLD!  Read her article "Steps toward a Nuclear-Free World here!

The New England District is our regional chapter. 

Go to the website to see the latest news.

A statewide advocacy and public policy network anchored in our faith and animated by its principles with three foci:  
  • Democracy in Action
  • Health Care 
  • Climate Change.  
To learn more or get involved see the website.



The Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church was the recipient of the 2008 O. Eugene Pickett Awardgiven to the congregation that best promotes the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the United States!


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Looking for a UU Bed and Breakfast? Check this out.

For members of UU're Home

Universalists and Unitarians of Maine have a proud story more than 200 years old.  A new book by this title traces 409 Congregations in the cities and towns of Maine.  It is a hardcover volume of 685 pages with 438 illustrations.   The author, Peter Richardson, a retired UU minister, lives in Rockland.  Cost of the book will be $69.95 plus state sales tax and mailing costs.  A limited printing of 200 copies will be available by mid-July, 2017.  For further information contact the author at ptemr@aol.com