About Allen Avenue UU Church in Portland, Maine

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Our Sanctuary at 524 Allen Avenue in Portland, Maine

Our building Our building’s appearance can be surprising. Set well back from the road, surrounded by marsh and wilderness, it is a single-level building, far from the standard image of a church. The sanctuary does not have pews, but rather movable chairs to allow for flexible use. Decoration is spare but for several beautiful cloth banners and a carved wooden chalice hanging on the front wall, all lovingly crafted by members.

Appearances can be deceiving, however, and anyone walking into the church will immediately feel the energy that turns this modest building into a spiritual home and place of worship.

On Sundays, we use the right side door (the first sidewalk on the right) to enter the church, to help our traffic flow. Just follow the sign. Those waiting by the door will greet you with a warm smile and cheerful good morning, and the sense of community that binds the members is obvious as everyone gathers in the foyer before the worship service. Worship itself will often include contributions by our uniquely talented members and friends, as lay-led worship is a treasured part of our tradition.

ChildrenChildren and the Religious Education Wing

The Religious Education wing is filled with children full of wonderful energy and exuberance. Whether in their rooms, in the playground behind the church, or participating in part of the service, they are effective reminders of the goals we teach and the lessons we hope to bring to the larger community. You can learn more in the Children & Youth section.

Social Action Committee Project

Award Winning Social Action Committee

The church boasts an award-winning Social Action program, which is testament to the fact that promoting social justice is a high priority among many of our members. We are deeply passionate about our beliefs and are willing to put them into practice, whether by recycling, using hybrid cars, and working in the Soup Kitchen, attending demonstrations and marches, or raising funds to help those who need us at home and abroad.

An Engaging Community

Coffee hour following the Sunday service is always filled with lively conversations. But the sense of community is not limited to Sunday mornings. Our aim, in addition to following the UU principles, is to have fun! It might be at an evening coffeehouse, intergenerational potluck event, or prom. It might be at the Holiday Fair, or in the spirited bidding at the Fundraising Auction. See Programs & Activities for a taste of the range of activities we are involved in. We also have an active and exciting selection of Adult Enrichment classes to both help you stretch your horizons and meet others in the congregation. See our Adult Enrichment page for a catalog and registration information. Whatever the occasion, that sense of fellowship and friendship persists and is open to all who attend. We hope that you will come, witness it firsthand and be pleasantly surprised by all that the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church (A2U2) has to offer.

What's Happening Here?

There are many varied events, activities and opportunities to learn and get involved in our congregation every week. We are not just a Sunday church, we are a community! So please check out our What's Happening page and select an item or two to attend and join in. It's a great way to get to know people and explore your interests.

Learn more about our church and Unitarian Universalism

Several times each year, our Members and Friends Committee offers a course introducing newcomers and friends to our church and Unitarian Universalism. You are very welcome to join in. See our Membership section for more information on The Newcomer Orientation Workshop and to sign up. See the description in the right-hand column.